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My Penis And Me Essay

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Human rights, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, is "the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world." For me, human rights is the recognition that we are all equal, and no one person or group can decide what beyond that may be deprived of or enjoyed by another. Throughout the course of human history, we have faced the question of human rights; what they are, who they apply to, and how to defend them. From the Nineteenth Century onward, I believe three groups of people and their struggles have helped us to refine those definitions: the ...view middle of the document...

They entreat the governer of the colony to hear their plea: to consider the bad side of slavery while he considers the fate of slavery in Georgia as a whole. Most of the document concerns the logistical problems slavery would pose: i.e. costs of keep, liklihood of slaves running away to free Spanish Florida, etc. However, toward the end we see them implore the governor to consider the humanity of the situation, to consider that slaves were people too: "It is shocking to human Nature, that any Race of Mankind and their Posterity should be sentanc'd to perpetual Slavery; nor in Justice can we think otherwise of it, that they are thrown amongst us to be our Scourge one Day or other for our Sins: And as Freedom must be as dear to them as it is to us, what a Scene of Horror must it bring about! And the longer it is unexecuted, the bloody Scene must be the greater." (Petition of the Inhabitants of New Inverness to His Excellencey General Oglethorpe, 1739). In the last parts of this document, and in the document as a whole, we see the beginning of the end of slavery in the New World. While in Europe and elswhere slavery had been on the downturn, it was still mostly legitimized. These men of New Inverness represent a swell in thought, a great change of opinion, one which would begin to pervade the nation as a whole. It was the thought that all men were, in fact, created equal. The difference in thought between new and old came to a head during the American Civil War, never more so than Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. Written by our nation's sixteenth president in 1862, it didn't have a lot of abolitionist language, being an official document, but it did cement where the United States stood on the issue of slavery: there was to be no slavery in the country. As a growing nation, not only in size but also in power, having defeated the British Empire in 1812, the Proclamation's message reached much farther than one would first think upon hearing it.
The largest group, at least in worldwide knowledge, would be the European Jewish community. It is here we see rights denied to a people not because of their race, but because of their religion. When I say that this is hte largest group, I mean in terms that the Jewish Holocaust is still one of the most discussed and, along with the Second World War as a whole, most vividly remembered violation of human rights to date. It is for this reason I'll not spend too much time on the what happened or why, but on how the aftermath changed the way we viewed human rights and how to defend them. The documents I have chosen to illustrate this concept are the Nuremburg Principles and the Universal Declaration of Human Righs, both of which are direct results of the Holocaust. I choose these two because although they aren't necessarily accounts of what happened during the Holocaust, they are a direct indicator of how we as a human society moved forward when it came to identifying and defending human rights. The...

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