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My Personal Enquiry Into A Child's Learning

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The question I chose to look at was “Why is Child A no longer engaging in the classroom?” I decided upon this after being approached by both his mother and the class teacher with concerns as to his behaviour and commitment to learning. I hoped that if I were able to find the reason behind this problem then learning would once again become an enjoyable experience for him. His teacher was concerned that he was becoming disruptive within the class, whilst his Mother was upset by both his indifference to her at home as well as his lack of interest in doing homework. Up until recently Child A (so named to preserve anonymity) had been a ‘model pupil’ in so much as he was always eager to learn, helpful, and had the aptitude and intelligence required to do well. I believed Child A to be a good subject as I have undertaken one to one work with him for 2 years and have built up a good relationship with both him and his family.
Child A is 9 years old. He is of Asian ethnicity (the predominant ethnicity in school) and comes from a working 2 parent background. He is a practising Moslem. The majority of the time he is of a happy disposition, well-liked by both staff and his peers. Child A is diabetic and sometimes has issues regarding having to deal with the condition, he also has Optic Atrophy. Optic Atrophy is a condition whereby the optic nerve atrophies causing visual impairment. This condition has only been apparent within the last year and has caused colour confusion, contrast sensitivity and his eyesight has deteriorated to the point where he is working with 72pt font. His sibling also has this condition to a lesser extent.
Upon first addressing this question I was slightly unsure as to what information I could access. I realised that it was relatively easy to use diagnostic thinking, from working with the child and carrying out observations, but I felt I needed physical evidence as a starting point. I accessed detention records, which I help to update using excel (providing efficient monitoring of behaviour management), the class homework records, and the teacher’s records of when a child’s name is taken on a day to day basis (see appendix 1). I also decided to talk to his Mother in more detail, and of course, the child himself. I gained consent from all involved before starting this enquiry, after building up an extremely positive relationship with his Mother I wanted to ensure that I maintained that trust.
Upon accessing the detention records I was able to look at academic year, I had to gain permission to look at previous years. Child A had never been in detention until this year. I found this quite unusual for such a popular boy in year 5. The teacher’s records for when children’s names are taken spoke volumes. I was able to see that his behaviour had declined quite rapidly over a short period of time. The majority of the time his name had been taken when either he was behaving in what was described as ‘rude’ or ‘silly’ manner, and more often...

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