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My Personal Experience With A Dream And Advice Of What You Should Do To Accomplish A Dream Or Goal

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Usually you will not realize that something went wrong until it hits you in the face. In other words, confidence may sometimes lead to disappointment. This does not mean you should not have any dreams or be confident that you are not a failure; I did have an incident in my life that this occurred. This was the two times when I dreamed, and was confident that I will get into the best schools.
This was not the same as the incidents that happened to the girl in the essay "My Field of Dreams" because there was no way that she could be in major-league baseball but I could have got into ...view middle of the document...

This happens to too many people, confidence wins them over but what they forget is that if they do not try to achieve the goal that they set, or cannot achieve this goal because of an obstacle in their way that you cannot avoid they will never succeed. To succeed your goal you must make sure there are avoidable obstacles in your way of succession or no obstacles at all, and you should never get lazy because laziness will only bring failure. When I took the test, I was confident that everything would go my way but I forgot one thing nothing comes from nothing that means if I did not practice for the test how could I expect to get a high score on the test. The first time that this happened to me, I did not realized that things did not go the way that I expected they would go, until I was in a different school.

In conclusion, you should not be overconfident and determination never hurts but when you cannot avoid an obstacle that is in your way of accomplishing the goal you set out to complete, than you should go in a different direction and set a new goal. Laziness is also a big cause of failure and you should avoid this as well. I did not make it to the schools that I wanted to go to because of laziness and overconfidence.

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