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In order to survive in such a competitive global market, it is essential for all kinds of firms to hire effective leaders to maximize their interest and keep operate successfully. From the leadership class, which is taught by Dr. Karen McDaniel, I have learn what leaders are required to become effective and successful and how to build myself as a successful leader.
A. Skills I need to developed
In generally, I want to possess a leisure leadership, which empower members to express their ideas and use their creativity to accomplish their tasks. In addition, I would like to listen to members’ ideas and make final decisions after comparing and evaluating their ideas; therefore, if I was a leader, I would encourage diversity and innovation of my members. In order to an effective leader, I still have to develop various skills such as collaboration skill, communication skill, and task-taking skill. First, to become a good leader, I should motivate the cooperation of among my members and continually request feedbacks from my members about their collaboration to make them feel like they are contributor of our team’s success. Second, I should develop effective communication skill to clearly explain the mission and policies of our team to my members to help behave properly. Third, I also need to develop risk-taking skill, which not only means that I should have confident and courage to take risks, but also means I should have problem solving skills to comply with risks and challenges.
B. Core values need to be emphasized
In order to build my personal leadership model, I would emphasis on five core values: vision, honesty, passion, respect, and care. To become a successful leader, I need to have a clear vision to keep leading my team continually on the same direction. I also need to emphasis on doing the honest and ethic thing and keep me consistent with my vision to make team members know and value what they are doing. Whatever problem my team faces, I must become passionate about objectives and tasks of our teams and always have confidence in overcoming all kinds of problems our team confront with. A successful leader also need to value the contribution of team members and respect their difference based on culture, gender and abilities. In addition, the strongest and effective leaders need to take care of not only whether their tasks can be achieved, but also members of their teams. Therefore, to increase members’ commitment to our team, a successful leader need to show his or...

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