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My Personal Statement: Bachelor’s Degree In Mass Communications

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Writing a personal statement can be a daunting task. A personal statement is unique to each person. “A personal statement is usually requested when applying for scholarships and graduate school.” Also certain type of jobs such as competitive teaching and research appointments in education, for positions with non-profit organizations, or for internship applications require a personal statement. (“Personal Statements”) So a good personal statement is very important. There things that must be done in order to have a good personal statement. Before writing a personal statement a [person] should at least know what one is and its purpose. The University of Washington says that “a personal statement is a writing sample describing [someone] at [their] best, [their] reasons for choosing the field [they] have chosen, [their] research interests, [their] objectives, and the unique ways [they] can contribute to the program or organization to which [they] are applying. Its purpose is to communicate five things: writing abilities, connections, [their] philosophy, what makes [them] unique, and how [they] can be an asset.” (“Personal Statements”) There is one other thing to remember when writing a personal statement. It is to keep it professional.
All five of these things are crucial in writing a personal statement. Writing ability can say so much. It shows their grammar and punctuation are up to par. It can say something about their organizational skills like in the way they organize their ideas in their personal statement. Connections means the connection between their past education or experiences and their future goals. An example of this could be seen in the Sample Personal Statement for Mass Communications on All through this personal statement the writer is talking about his or her education and experiences, and how they will help them reach their goal of getting a Ph. D in Mass Communications. Their philosophy means what their way of think is for their field and why they’re pursing an opportunity in that area of study. This can also be shown in the Sample Personal Statement for Mass Communications on It say this: “ ‘If a nation can be compared to a large vessel at sea, then the journalists are its watch-keepers who timely report the treacherous shoals and hidden dangers to ensure the safe journey of the vessel.’ This celebrated and thought-provocative motto by Joseph Pulitzer gives a most vivid and profound elucidation of the crucial role that journalists can play in contemporary social life. Regarding the role of the watch-keeper, I have my own understanding. The career of being a journalist entails “thinking allowed and thinking aloud.” He or she should, first of all, be an active, sensitive participant of social life and demonstrate independent and critical insights.” (“Sample Personal Statement for Mass Communication”) The writer takes what was said by Joseph Pulitzer and comes up with their own philosophy from their...

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