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My Personal Visit To A Jollibee Chain

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I have experienced Jollibee here and in the Philippines.
In both places, I also find that it has been over-rated.

A couple of years (or three) before the opening of the
first Jollibee in Daly City, I was invited to meet with a
few Jollibee franchisees from Manila and their Director of
franchising, to discuss their plan to operate
internationally. (i.e., in the USA).

One of the local franchisees from Manila - Paulino (can't
remember the family name)- a Chinese businessman and former
NCAA soccer star that formed the formidable triumvirate of
Pepe Te and Larry Chua of Mapua back in the 60's - told me
of their grave concern and hesistancy about opening in the
USA: "The strongest McDonald outlet here sells only 3,000
hamburgers daily. That is not enough to justify opening up
an outlet of Jollibee...."

To which I remarked: "I don't know where you got the
figures of 3,000 daily. But that's a lot of hamburgers a
day, even for McDonald."

I added: "Besides, it would be pretentious for Jollibee to
imagine that they are competing with McDonald. They are
not in the same league, nor in the same business. And if
this is the mission-vision that Jollibee Manila has about
competition in the USA, they probably should not even
consider opening up an outlet in the USA."

This is the same distorted view of competition that Max
Fried Chicken when they first entered the fast food market
in Daly City back in the mid-to-late 80's. Both Plary and
Linda Trota Fuentebella mistakenly identified their
competitors as KFC (then known as Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Barely 6 months in operation, Max Fried Chicken became
a "turo-turo" restaurant (with shades of Barrio Fiesta menu)
and a special side menu of fried...

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