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My Personal Strengths And Weaknesses In Netball

2870 words - 11 pages

From observing myself in a game situation these are what I consider
are my strengths and weaknesses for Netball and why I think each one
is a strength or weakness.



> Shooting

> Shoulder Pass

> Bounce Pass

> Chest Pass

> Pivoting

> Footwork

> High-running Pass

> Reaction Time

> Agility

> Speed


Strength 1: Shooting is one of my strengths as I think I perform it
correctly. By correctly I mean having a balanced position (standing
with my feet shoulder width apart and keeping my body straight),
holding the ball above my head (so that the ball is resting on the
tips of my fingers and my thumbs form a W shape), bending my knees as
if I’m about to jump (this is where the power for the shot comes
from), letting the energy flow from my feet to my hands, keeping my
back straight and my head up, focusing on the back of the ring rather
than the front (this is because if the shot is short and it hits the
back it should still fall in), letting the ball go at the same time as
I straighten my legs, moving my arms as little as possible, releasing
the ball with a spin by flicking my wrists and finally if the ball
doesn’t go in preparing myself for the rebound. By shooting like this
I am more accurate at shooting and therefore score more goals. From
observing myself, when I shoot I make it look effortless and I think
my shooting is consistent. I think I play better when I’m in an attack
position because when I play defence I find it really hard to gain
possession of the ball, intercept the passes and mark the ball.

Strength 2: Shoulder pass is one of my strengths and I think I perform
it correctly. A shoulder pass is used for long distances. For example
if you want to pass to a player in the next third this is the pass to
use. It’s a high pass and should enable you to speed up the game. This
pass requires lots of power to make it travel faster; if it’s slow and
loopy a defender could intercept it. For me the power comes from
behind the ball. I spread my fingers around the ball, bend my arms and
try to keep my elbows close to my body. I then lift the ball above my
right shoulder (as I’m right-handed) and let it drop back slightly.
This gives me extra power when I go to release the ball. To make it go
through the air faster I put one foot forward, this also helps me to
lean into the pass. I think when you throw a shoulder pass it’s best
to aim for your team-mates head and chest (this will make it easier
for them to catch the ball). In my opinion to master a shoulder pass
you have to follow the directions above and finally when you release
the ball I think you should follow through the pass (basically
stretching out your arms and fingertips after releasing the ball.

Strength 3: The bounce pass is a strength of mine and I think it’s...

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