My Pesonal Accomplishments And American Dreams

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Let us think for a moment about what people such as I would like to accomplish and how many accomplishments people can have over a lifetime. Are accomplishments made on matters of physical characteristics or mental characteristics or both? When can you truly decide that an accomplishment is either worthwhile or hardly worth the effort; or is it perceived differently through the eyes of the people reading this essay? One can give a series of examples that would show accomplishments that are honored in the minds of the many, but shunned in the minds of the few, and questions that are shunned in the minds of the many but honored in the minds of the few. I may get carried away, but it doesn’t mean that the questions being asked in this essay can’t be solved or narrowed down to one’s opinion. As I try to state in this essay; there is no limit to the amount of accomplishments you can get if you truly believe it is ...view middle of the document...

I would like to graduate with a degree in psychology; I have always been fascinated with the way a mind works, but not only that it can improve people at such a high degree that I would consider it as a trait for the morally right. I believe such knowledge; to be used to benefit the entire community and as well as some parts of the world that is deprived of their humanities. We can better understand people with the knowledge we gain from studies and human interaction, but this is not just from studying psychology but from all studies such as mathematics and literature. I would also like to accomplish on becoming a clinical psychologist sometime in the future, I believe that helping others is the best accomplishment you can make and not only that but you set an example for that person or persons. I think that everyone should give a hand to aid those who need it, but not to feel better about yourself as a person but to make the person you are helping feel better. I believe that peace and understanding are the strongest gift we can give to this world. I may sound like an idiot pointing out obvious or unrealistic accomplishments, but this is what I would like to accomplish and even though it is almost as big as the world, I am someone who wants to help make that accomplishment a reality even if it’s not in my lifetime.
I believe the American dream is also not a physical thing but something you feel and achieve with thought; I think that my American dream is about being free to do what you want to do in life, and to come to a home full of love and peace and able to speak your mind in a positive way to your community; able not judge people of their ideas but to understand them and create a relationship; the ability to build opportunities to the future no matter the background. I believe that this is what I want to strife for in the future and I hope that one day that the ideas I believe in will rub off on the people around me.

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