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My Pet And I Essay

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I regretted what I’ve done; I wish I never had killed him especially when I realized that he was that he is actually is a boy, I would have had named him Benane instead of Cupcake. I really do wish that I never had sacrificed him. But when I think about it, it’s kind of ironic because Tay9s do sacrifices for religion practice. I wonder is that why they need sacrifice as a religion practice? Is it because nothing can be gain unless we sacrifice? He was the most important living being to me after all, since my dad was the one that gave him to me.
Since I regained my memory I remembered how I found him. It goes back to that Zoltbandit incident; it was that day when I saw my father’s will. ...view middle of the document...

But as you know I have a thing for sweets, especially chocolate, Mmmhhhh chocolate.
But anyway, when I started to take care of him it didn’t quite trust me. He did scratch me a couple of times. He also did try to eat me, but I ended up putting him in a cage until he calmed down or at least try NOT to bite my head off. Now that I think about it did pounce on to me a couple of time thinking of me as a prey. But after a while it started to like me. I was so happy at that time. He also finally let me pet him.
I also remember that time when he pooped in the house. He never actually does poop in the carpet but for some reason he pooped on the carpet that day. He could have pooped on the floor or somewhere other than the carpet. The carpet is the hardest place to remove scat and urine. I still remember what I said to him:
“Hey! Cupcakes why the heck did you poop on the carpet”.
“Well thanks a lot I’m sure that’s going to help. But I still don’t get why would poop on the carpet. You know what you can just stay outside for the entire day.”
But of course he stared at me dead in the eye, since him not much of an outside animal. He never really was too thrilled to go outside. But can’t quite blame him, he also is more of a night person than a morning person. The funny thing is that I’m also a night person. I never like to wake up in the morning.
When do a comparison with my dad and with Benane I think that I would rather have my dad more. Because he is the one that was important to me, he was also the one that left me with this tiger. I loved him so much. That reminds me Zoltan used to my friend. But after a fight about world domination I stopped being his friend. I see no reason to be his friend if he was going to rule the word with an iron fist. But I never thought that he would actually be able to rule the world. But I won’t miss him since he’s the one that killed Benane. Benane was still precious to me, because after all he was the one that was by my side the whole time and it a keepsake that my dad left for me. I wonder if I’ll end up seeing my dad again or maybe my really parents.
I also remembered that I tried to teach him about neuroscience, math and philosophy. But didn’t quite work out, so I started to talk about...

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