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PHENOMENOLOGY OF FREEDOMFreedom means different things to many diverse individual. What does freedom mean then? To what extent are we free? All of us love freedom. No one enjoys being in captivity. The idea of being lockup in a dark dungeon against your will is not exactly favorable. In fact, many wars have been waged in the name of freedom. So freedom has several connotations to it like a politician, for example, would focus on freedom as a right whereas a Christian would emphasize freedom as a responsibility. Freedom to do would necessarily differ from freedom to subjugate forces. So I will start my phenomenology of freedom, to begin this I must precede with the first step of the methods of phenomenology which is Epoche. In epoche, I start to suspend all my judgments, biases, prejudice and start on a clean slate with an open mind and must not uphold anything when I start to bracket in this phase. So what constitute freedom? Freedom is inwardness, spontaneity to live a life on one's own choice and will not be dictated by people who have a problem with it. This is the ability that is an unapologetic feeling of free will without subjected to any undue restraint on living in one's own rights on one's decisions and action, apart from external coercion. It is being authentic, just being raw in its glory, to simply put it, is to be yourself and not trying too hard to be someone else and express diversity. In short, it is being committed to the truth. What I learn about freedom when I was raised growing up as a Christian, it is belief that freedom to be the duty and responsibility following the law and loving one's fellowmen and standing up for them. These are one of the many countless gifts from God given by divine hands bestow to us humans.In eidetic reduction, I will begin with an example that freedom without responsibility is license. I am not really free to do whatever I want because my actions may adversely affect those around me. I may not, for example, set on fire on anything that might endanger the homes of my neighbors in the process. I should not dump my rubbish where it might cause a health problem for the entire community. I should weigh whatever I do in the light of the good and the bad it may do to others. I am not free either to speak out whatever is on my mind. I ought to be tactful and watchful what I say so as not to hurt other people's feelings. I should choose my words carefully in order to lessen the possibility of being misunderstood and misinterpreted. Like being labeled as racist or delinquent is a possible worst case scenario for me. To use foul language freely in this modern era such as this generation turn into a joke that is not above in cursing words like the most famously repeated f-word,...

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