My Philosophical Views On The Colorado Shootings

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There are many disastrous events in the world that have happened, that make many people reflect on things like their beliefs, the actual occurrence of the event itself, what caused one, or a group of people to do such a thing, the credibility of the media they got such information from, the responsibility of those involved or not involved in any way, their own religion, the probability of death all around them, and even the safety of those they love. These “natural” and “man-made” events are sometimes, but not limited to, catastrophic floods, fires, hurricanes earthquakes, tsunamis, crashes, and explosions, and in the case of Matthew Murray, two shootings, that caused five people to die in Colorado, including himself. Although some of these tragic events are sometimes seen as lesser events when compared to others, or even to one another, I believe that every thought and opinion on those events is relative to the interests and perspectives of the individual person, who is thinking about what happened. According to the CNN article on the Colorado shootings, Matthew Murray was responsible for the four deaths at two different locations, which were 80 miles apart from each other. Murray supposedly first arrived at the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) center in Arvada, Colorado, where he shot and killed two people, and ended up wounding two others, then Murray shot and killed Stephanie and Rachel Works, who were sisters in their middle and late teens, and then he wounded their father all in the parking lot of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When entering the church once more, Murray wounded to other people with his assault rifle, then security guard Jeanne Assam bravely took charge and disabled Murray, and after suffering numerous hits from Assam’s gun, Murray fatally shot himself. In the CNN article, Murray was accused for the death of four innocent lives, but I think we do not have enough information to conclude that Murray was the same person who was responsible for both sets of shooting, for it is just something we don’t know. I believe that the fact that Murray was shot at, and then found dead in the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the only point needed to make it known that it was actually Murray who was there at that church, to do the shootings. The shootings at the YWAM center in Arvada Colorado on the other hand, didn’t end with the body parts of Murray found at the site of the shootings to make such a conclusion, instead, in the shootings at the YWAM, it was said that the gunman (like the gunman at the New Life Church) was a Caucasian man clothed in a dark jacket and a dark cap, but under such stressful situations one might jump to conclusions in hope that the identity of the two gunmen could be the same person, because two people in Colorado couldn’t possibly be wearing the same or similar outfits at the same give time the two shootings took place in, this observation would then certainly give the Colorado...

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