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I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is my ideal profession. In nursing, I can provide others with the care and the knowledge they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can also give others the love and attention they need to be proud of the life they live. I think that society is very vulnerable and I want to make great contributions to the world of nursing. I don’t just want to be a nurse. I want to be a great nurse who is looked up to because of my experience, knowledge, and competence as a healthcare professional.
With each passing day, new challenges for nurses are created. As of 2011, the baby boomer generation (those born from 1946 to 1964) turned 65. Between 1946 and 1964, approximately 76 million babies were born. Now that they are rising in age, these older adults are starting to need more hospitalization because of age-related issues. With the growing number of older adults seeking healthcare, there is a shortage in the number of nurses willing to take on the responsibility of caring for them (Hartman-Stein & Potkanowicz, 2009). I want to make sure that these adults never have a sense of loneliness because of their age. I also want to make sure that they have the same standards of living that they did before they got sick. This leads me into another reason of why I want to be a nurse. I think the world needs me. I want to feel that I belong and, in a sea of older adults needing healthcare, I think I will. I want to make a difference to those who feel that no one cares about them. When my grandmother was very sick, she needed all the help that my father and I could give her. She had a voice box so she couldn’t talk, pneumonia so she was very weak, and she could barely walk on her own. I knew my grandmother deserved the best and I wouldn’t have it any other way, so I began to help her with anything she needed. While helping her with activities of daily living, I began to enjoy what I was doing for her and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. From there on, I loved being with her because I knew it was making her happy and that’s all I wanted.
I believe that the core values of nursing are knowledge, integrity, honesty, and ethics. One must have the knowledge required in order to remain competent in this field. Knowledge comes from experience and education. One must obtain integrity and must continue doing the right thing at the right time in the right place. Getting off task isn’t a trait appreciated in the profession of nursing. One must be honest enough to own up to their mistakes and to know that everyone makes them. Nobody is perfect and mistakes are made. But owning up to our mistakes takes courage and honesty. Lastly, one must create their own Code of Ethics to show the moral principles that comply with being a nurse. The have to be dependable and compassionate because this profession requires it.
To me, knowledge is the main core value of nursing. Without knowledge, what is a nurse to...

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