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Imagine your summer consisting of birthdays, family barbeques every weekend, and day to day visits from family members. That’s my life from a day to day basis. It revolves around family, and I love it! My heritage has affected my life in many ways. It's who I am today. I have been raised by two amazing parents that I thank so much to this day. They raised me to be someone well-bred with principles, values, morals, manners, who is respectful, and courteous. This has helped me throughout these 14 years of my life. And I hope to be as simple and generous as I am today my whole life.

I have learned to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. My mother taught me that. In our family there was nobody that was rich or that had a lot of money so they had to live with what they had which wasn't much. I'm glad that my mother raised me to be someone who is noble, responsible, appreciative, independent, optimistic, and family oriented. The morals by which I was taught have made me a simple person, not someone materialistic in any way. She taught me that everything we have is because someone worked for it and that we have to be thankful that we have it. Today I thank my mother so much because she carved me into the confident, enthusiastic, affectionate, and generous person I am today. In comparison to many teenagers I am a very content person and I have my parents to thank.

My family is the most important thing in my life. I would pick them over anything in this world not only because I love them, but because they're always there for me no matter what. Every single one of my family members, which is over 250+, has had an impact on my life. The little things they do are the ones that touch me the most. The little things that they sometimes think are meaningless such as a letter are things that I treasure greatly. For example, I remember that 2009 was the first year that my dad left for Guatemala. He was leaving because his mother was sick and he was going to build her another house. I remember crying for days and nights because I missed him so much, I was ten at the time. Then April 13, 2010 a package arrived home. I was so excited because I knew it was from my father. When I opened it I found two letters one for April 14th and...

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