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My Plan To Become A Pediatrician

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Pediatricians take an active role in the salubrious development of children. Parents trust the judgment of their children’s medicos and rely on them for advice. I believe that edifications learned at an adolescent age, especially those cognate to health culls, incline to stay with one through life. The opportunity to accommodate as a role model for children, embolden them to develop their aptitudes, and promote a salubrious lifestyle greatly appeals to me. My immediate goal is to be accepted into a pre-medical program and to major in biology and minor in psychology so that I can eventually enroll in a pediatrics residency program.
My interest in science was truly sparked when I started high school. This later developed into a specific interest in physical human health. I began asking myself questions such as: Why do we get ill? Why do our adapted bodies fail to protect themselves? What are the mechanisms behind illness? How can they be treated? How can we avoid recurrences? I have an immense curiosity in the superior design of the human body as well as its imperfections. My aim is to gain competence in research, diagnosis and particularly the treatment of human diseases and of course, to practice it. Pursuing higher education and undergoing this course will further expand my knowledge and help me to achieve my goals.
My experience shadowing a pediatrician further strengthened my aspiration. I enjoyed both the clinical and administrative aspects and learned a tremendous about infections, prevention, and doctor-patient interactions. It would be intensely satisfying to be the one helping patients deal with their intimate issues such as puberty and domestic violence. I found satisfaction in performing even simple diagnostic procedures such as checking blood pressure and administering a rapid test for Group B Streptococcus. I was moved as I saw the pediatrician care for the children of young parents whom she herself had cared for not so long ago. Throughout the experience I observed the particular needs for effective communication and patience when dealing with...

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