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Many children around the world love Disney princesses. They watch Cinderella and learn to admire her perfect hair and the way she looks in a ball gown. They grow up learning that women should be frail and quiet. These works of poetry go to prove these thoughts wrong and show that despite the belief that girls are not strong or capable, they are. These works consist of Girls by Marina and the Diamonds, Love Me Slender by Sophie Hannah, The Perfect Woman by Hannah Warren, and The Women Who Went to the Field by Clara Barten. All of them show the beliefs of what women should be like.
My first poem is one I wrote titled The Perfect Woman. “Tall and thin / with a loving grin” (3-4) This line shows one of the expectations of a good woman. It says that all women should be skinny and tall and they should never be angry and just go along with what others tell them. “Delicate as a flower / and absolutely no power” (19-20) This line signifies that in the eyes of the world girls are supposed to stand tall, look pretty, and not have a voice. This poem expresses that there are still false stereotypes of women.
The next poem in my anthology is by Sophie Hannah and is titled Love Me Slender. This poem is about how in this world girls who aren’t skinny aren’t worth anything. “You may, in other ways, be very nice / But if you’re overweight it doesn’t matter. (7-8) These lines explain how to a lot of people your personality and mind don’t matter, but your looks certainly do. It is showing the harsh reality that girls who don’t look like a model aren’t as important as the ones who do. “You need a model’s figure, skin and bone, / Straight up and down without a single curve, / Unless you want to end up on your own, / Which, frankly, would be just what you deserve. (13-16) I appreciate the use of sarcasm in these lines because she shows both what many people think while at the same time shows how ridiculous it is. She also addresses the thoughts of many women who don’t have a “model’s figure”, meaning how they think they will end up alone. Using this line helps you to realize that this is false. The main purpose is to address the “qualifications” to be a woman and to show that they are unrealistic.
The last poem is by one of my personal...

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