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My Poor House Essay

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My Poor House

        My parents decided that they needed to get away from all their problems for a while. They planned a little weekend excursion to Ocean City Maryland. This was the first time they left my sister and I home alone, and they trusted us to take good care of the house and keep everything under control. Late Friday afternoon at about five o'clock was their time of departure. Before they even pulled out of the garage, the supplies, for the party tonight, which we have been planning for a good week, were already on their way over.

        As I waited for my friends to arrive, I took notice of how the house was so neat and clean. The fresh aroma of simmering potpourri spilled out of the kitchen, where my mother had a little pot full of it.. The freshly painted walls were covered with portraits of family members and friends, which hung neatly in their fancy wooden frames. The fibers of the recently vacuumed carpet stood at attention displaying how clean they were. The varnished oak coffee-table glistened as the moonlight shined through the crystal clear window reflecting off its soft glossy finish. All the furniture was aligned perfectly with the symmetry of the room, like a life size geometry proof. My mother's knickknacks were arranged neatly in their proper order on top of the entertainment center. All of our CD's and tapes were put away in their correct spots behind the clear glass door of the entertainment center. The kitchen table was clear of clutter, and the sink was empty, accept for the drying rack in the right partition. Then the doorbell...

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