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My Portfolio Demonstrating Completion Of The Business Administration Program Outcomes

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Having been brought up and living most of my life in Northern Europe, Finland more specifically, gives me different perspective. Finland is bilingual. I speak and write Finnish fluently, and Swedish almost as fluently. I have always enjoyed languages, math, and communication. Languages are important part of education in Finland, which made it possible for me to learn English from an early age. Math has always been one of my favorite subjects: I enjoy numbers and formulas, which is important part of financial management. I work well will others, enjoy helping customers, and I enjoy talking to people; I have always been a good communicator. Combining my passion for languages, math and communication brought me to study business administration. For further information regarding my professional achievements, you can find my attached résumé.


I had my first job at age 15. My first job was a weekend porter at my mother’s workplace. I opened the building right on time, kept the classrooms spotless, ensured a steady supply of coffee, and prepared lecture materials for instructors by taking copies. After turning 18, I acquired a summer job in retail. I started as a cashier, then advanced to customer service, and quickly was promoted to work in the cash room handling money, office tasks and shift manager duties. I continued working in retail throughout my college studies, and after graduation found job from my own field as a coordinator. The company I worked for coordinated interpreters for deaf, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing, and speech impaired customers. During my tenure at the company, I also served as a maternity leave substitute for the company’s management assistant until my move to the United States. I immigrated to the United States June 2012, and two months after I got a job in retail. I started as sales associate, then transferred to the support team and became support specialist. After working for a year within the company, I was promoted as support expert: I am responsible for all the logistics, backroom activities, and leading the support team.

I chose business administration as a major because I wanted to maximize my future career opportunities. In my opinion, it is very beneficial to learn about each functional area of business. Business administration gives a wider based outlook on business rather than just focusing on narrow areas of business. Why study to be a manager of a single department, such as human resources, when you can study to be the manager of a whole company? Business administration entails classes focusing in all the areas of business: finance, marketing, management, accounting, information...

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