Escaping This Life And Living For A Better

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Growing up in an urban community like mine, college was not always a topic amongst friends and families. Most people considered minimum wage jobs as doctorate degrees in education. One thing that made me stand out was that I knew I wanted change and the only way to get there was my desire and passion for education. Knowing that the road ahead would not be easy, I continued to push through any obstacle that dared to stop me from succeeding. Peers were negative towards me wanting to break the cycle of the norm. Family members downed my intelligence. They thought success was a dream and the only people who actually made it were rich. All of this was only the beginning of a new life and attitude waiting to blossom.
My mother was only 16 when she had me and dropped out of high school her junior year. Of course, it was hard on her raising a child as a child. She had no childhood, and no support system to keep her motivated. With that said, her life spiraled downward from there. She threw me off on every baby-sitter in the family that wanted to be paid. She was well known and tough in the streets assuming that the street life was the life to live. I never could comprehend my motherless feeling growing up until I realized although she was present she was emotionally detached and uninvolved. My father or best known as a sperm donor was never in my life so I taught myself how to be a man. The only thing I had to turn to at night was a dream of me escaping this life, going to college, and never looking back on the past.
Most people would think that with my background, a child would be angry and filled with rage, but that is not the case. That past environment taught me values on life. I told myself nothing would stop me from being successful. I had always wanted to be an attorney at law, but knew no way of getting there. During this time, I became stronger in my walk with God and wiser through observation and listening to outsiders. I was...

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