Sustainability And Issues In Indonesia Essay

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I am determined to help building a better Indonesia by making it more sustainable. Sustainability is vital because natural resources have been the main source of conflict in Indonesia. Indonesia has 132.9 million hectare of forest out of 192.2 million hectare land, which means almost nearly 70 percent of Indonesian people dealt in natural resources management issues. According to Robecosam's Countries Sustainable Ranking in 2013, Indonesia was ranked 56 (out of 59 countries, with the first country being the most sustainable). Indonesia scored very low in environmental aspect, which has come to no surprise viewing Indonesia's deforestation rate at 1.08 million hectare/year. This is the repercussion of Indonesia natural resources wealth exploitation, which is ironic because the people that live inside and around the forest still as poor as ever. Thus, it is imperative to create a more sustainable Indonesia.
Tenure and land, natural resources management issues have been occurring ever since President Soeharto passed the three set of law about: forestry, regional government and foreign investment. Not only local people, but also the indigenous tribe and customary communities that suffered land-grabbing problem from private companies that wants to seize the land's natural resources. As of now, although now the Orang Rimba Tribe, nomadic indigenous tribe that live in the forest, still struggling for livelihood, but at the very least they have living space secured by the government establishment of the national park. The natural resources governance needs profound recuperation to be able to achieve sustainability. Any permit of management and proprietary is regulated solely by the government. Therefore, I think the best way to achieve sustainability is if the government takes the lead.
I learned the information above through working in an NGO (non-governmental organization) where I advocate its concerns. Indonesian Conservation Community - WARSI (, where I work, aims to revive indigenous community's conservation principles and to encourage management development model of conservation region in Sumatera, specifically and in Indonesia generally. WARSI has helped...

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