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First, let's focus on the psychotic disorder of schizophrenia. One of the major symptoms of schizophrenia is “negative symptoms”. Within that category for the last two weeks (and if truth be told a lot longer than that), is emotional flatness. I do not get overly excited nor do I get overly stressed about any situation that the response should be within the realm of anxious, fearful, sad, etc. For example, in the last two weeks I have had two times in which I was asked to speak in front of a group of people for school. The first time was a communication class where I was asked to give a 4-6 minute presentation to the class of 25 people. Of course, all people were nervous when going up to ...view middle of the document...

I rolled over, checked my messages, text the professor back and told her that I would be there in 15 minutes. I got dresses, took the time to make coffee, and essentially did everything I do on a normal day to include walking to campus. I did not feel any anxiety, guilt, or stress, about not being on time. During the walk to campus I spilled some coffee on my shirt, and just kind of shrugged it off and kept walking. When I arrived to campus I took the time to go to the Veteran's lounge and get a fresh “cup of joe” before heading to my class. When I showed up to class at 11:00 I opened my book bag, apologized for being late, got my notes out and asked if everyone was ready. At that point, I took a sip of coffee, kind of wiped the coffee stain of my shirt with my hand, and proceeded to the podium to begin my speech, “Madame Chief Justice, and if it please the court...”. During this entire time, to include the 45 minutes I spent on the podium answering questions, and responding to disagreements, I never felt overwhelmed. The class ran long and I immediately went to this class (which I was about 2-3 minutes late for). We had a test that day so, I took out my notes, looked out the window, took a drink of coffee, and began taking the test. I never once had any feeling of stress, or anxiety, or fear of failure, or excitement. I had no feeling at all. I was just doing what I do, that is all.
Next, as it is often common to have two or more disorders at a time, and can probably help with the diagnosis, I also in the last two weeks (and again a lot longer than that), have shown signs of having a personality disorder. Specifically, the Odd-eccentric cluster personality disorder. As stated above, I experienced flat or/and inappropriate emotion, I also am not a big fan of...

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