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My Response To The Play Rainbow's Ending

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My Response to the play Rainbow's Ending.

I quiet enjoyed reading the text "Rainbow's Ending".

Here is a brief summary of the play:

The story is about two giants, the world is peaceful, quiet and
happy, until the giants have an argument over who is bigger, and have
an eating competition. They eat anything and everything they can find,
as they eat their way through the country. The rest of the country
becomes helpless, dirty and noisy. Until one day the giants return and
everything becomes a better place again!

The group, in which I was in, came up with many imaginative ideas, for
the particular scenes in which we worked on. I very much liked the
idea of the superpowers of the two giants in the story, which the
author Noel Greig wrote. We used his ideas from the text to create our
own ideas.

In scene 1 we used a lot of Physical theatre. We had the Sun,
Empire State Building, Post Office Tower, trees, and the river. I
particularly liked the way which we had four people being the river
when it came to the lines "it was a sunny day the trout were
almost queuing up to get themselves hooked" at this point we had the
little old fisher woman with her fishing rod, by the river bank. The
river was made by the four people, they were making wavy movements
together, and the trout were two of the people quickly kneeling up
towards the fisher woman, begging to get hooked. Then when it came to
the next line " one giant lay down and started to lap up the
water" the water was gradually going down towards the ground. Then the
giant said "as he drained the river dry, come on little fishes
into my gob". We then had all four people quickly running up towards
the giant.

In scene 2 we used many gestures to symbolize certain
meanings, such as " making deals, making a noise, making love,

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