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From the moment she was born I knew she was different, arriving much earlier than expected, and frightening me to death with her little surprise. Then mere seconds later, after the doctor removed the umbilical cord from around her little pink neck, I heard her soft, sweet cry. In that instant, I knew she would be mama’s little fighter. Now here we are, 10 years later, and she still manages to amaze me every day. My daughter, Alexis, has tremendously changed my life and made me a better person by teaching me patience, showing me strength, and motivating me to improve myself.
Never in my existence have I met a more patient person than Alexis. She endures so much suffering from her daily ...view middle of the document...

I cannot imagine going through life day after day having seizures attack your brain, and not even being able to tell anyone. The only evidence she is having a seizure is the blank look in her eyes, the feel of her clammy, sweaty palms, and the intensity of her rapid beating heart, which feels like it is going to burst through her chest any moment. When the seizure stops, my little girl is left worn out and loopy. Instead of giving in to her exhaustion, Alexis usually gets up and goes back to doing whatever it was she was doing before the seizure began. It is through her resilience, or her ability to get back up and keep fighting, I learned what being strong is all about. Now when I get a cold or some other illness, I do not whine or complain much. Instead, I think about her struggles and how she continues to smile through all her pain and discomfort, and I carry on. My daughter’s tenacity encourages me to be a better person.
Have you ever met someone so amazing, they inspire you to change your own life? For me that inspiration comes from my daughter. No matter how much agony Alexis goes through, she will rise every morning with eagerness and enthusiasm for the new day ahead. You will never know she might have had five seizures the night before, which left her with a splitting headache, or that she might have had only two hours of sleep due to the terrible side effects of one of her many bitter tasting seizure drugs. Instead of lying in bed waiting for someone to come pity her, Alexis gets up and...

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