My Notes From Class Over Beowulf.

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These are my notes from my British Lit to the 1780's class. These are notes from Beowulf lines 57-704. I don't have specific lines for these note things I wrote down so you will have to go through the poem yourself and see if it matches. We did skip bits and pieces so there might be a whole part with nothing included from me. These analysis notes are straight from the professor's mouth. My written notes are a bunch of bullets with writing next to them so I am sorry for any confusion you may have. I figured since it is a widely covered poem that this might help someone, somewhere.

*Hrothgar- King of the Danes
*Is he a good ruler?
*His traits
*No hesitation in deciding best action for people
*Not selfish
*His confidence is from loyalty freely given from people
*By avoiding hesitation-lessens risk
*Sets good example for his people
*The people who know him closest respect his traits fully
*His skill as a leader is genuine, sincere and profound
*Increase in army goes to king's goodness
*Has leadership that inspires youth and teaches how to act properly in war
*Line 60
*The mead hall function as a place for the community to prosper
*Community is essential to ensure the production of enough food, supplies, and manual labor for houses as well as protection against any type of foe.
*What is community and why is it important?
*Mead hall attests to the ingenuity of intellectual achievements of people
*Creates a stable community
*He relies on the different talents and abilities of his people
*There is no discrimination in Hrothgar's kingdom
*Know name of mead hall in line 71
*Genre-epic poem
*1.(Three parts of an Epic Poem) epic villain- pure evil; no goodness in them and stronger than ordinary person
*Spite-full of anger-malicious vengeance
*Evil dweller is upset because he hates happiness
*Scop is the author of Beowulf. Scop means storyteller
*Beowulf is not a Christian poem
*Evil dweller wants to be isolated and away from others
*Uncontrollable rage that gets out
*Has no dignity and is a coward and hurts people when not looking
*It opposes the actions of the community whatever he does
*Grendel is a betrayer and betrayal is the worst crime you can commit in this time period
*Line 168
*2. epic hero-physically more powerful than any other man-doesn't make mistakes
*3. Country nation or world saved.
*Wave corser is a ship
*Has compassion- sympathy and care for someone other than self
*Form alliances and more undefeatable they become
*Line 198
*Appearances of Beowulf shows goodness
*Epic Hero - his appearance stands above the rest-he is more muscular than the rest. He's physically large...

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