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As I reflect back on my education, I realize how much I took for granted. I thought graduating from high school was sufficient. I realized that my lack of education was not going to help support my family. I decided to go back to school. I attended a technical college and received a certificate in computer accounting. This gave me the experience in accounting that helped me get my foot in the door. While working in the accounting field, I discovered quickly that I needed a bachelor’s degree. After much procrastination, I decided it was time to return to school. After a few accounting courses, I was informed that I still needed to take my general education classes. This meant I had to take English. I dreaded taking English 1101. I knew this class would be more challenging than my accounting courses. English 1101 taught me how to organize my thoughts and compile them to create well-versed essays.
During the first three weeks of class, I concentrated on the readings and exercises that were assigned. I enjoyed the readings in The Mercury Reader. The follow up videos were also very helpful. They gave insight and perspective from a point of view that I may have not considered. I was able to apply the perspective to help with ideas and thoughts about how I wanted to write my essay. Week four rolled around and it was time to write my first essay. I struggled to find the words that I wanted to use to convey my thoughts. I found myself using words over and over again. The thesis was another challenge. Once I got over the initial anxiety of writing the essay, I focused on the lesson videos and began again. I was nervous after I submitted the essay. I was surprised when I got the essay back; it was not covered in red ink. Although I had to resubmit the essay, it gave me the insight to my weaknesses. I knew that referring back to the videos and my Bedford Handbook would be the key to my success. These tools provided essential steps that help me to write with correct syntax and grammar.
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My Reflection Essay

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