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My Reflection
‘High quality’ learning outcomes should result from the interplay between student’s learning efforts, the curricula, and the teaching methods used (Leonard and Penick, 2000) Curriculum design is an overwhelming endeavor. Never the less it is necessary in order to be an effective teacher. An effective teacher must be diligent in the creation of her units and lessons. Diligence as we create learning units will ensure student achievement at all times. Students’ readiness, interests, and learning profile most be at the center of any lesson set up. This should drive a teacher’s curriculum design. During this session, I have evolved in many aspects of teaching. Also, I have been ...view middle of the document...

I have always seen technology as an engagement tool. Technology brings meaningful and communicative materials into the classroom such as collaboration and interaction (Belz, 2000). One thing I plan on doing is adding more technology to my plans. This time technology will be used to create differentiated activities. I started using kidspiration to ensure that all of my students show their knowledge about the subject using a graphic organizer. Some of the organizers only display a word while others have more complex sentences. I am also researching different softwares in order to incorporate more non-linguistic representation activities through the use of the Ipads or the computers. My goal has always been to create lifelong learners that can use their skills to solve real world problems. This goal will be more evident on my lessons. I am using additional real world use of the skill during the lessons and in the creation of performance tasks. For example, last week during our perimeter and area unit, my students created a blue print of their dream house. They labeled each of the rooms, solved for the perimeter and area of each room, and the house. They wrote a paragraph to describe their dream house using the measurements of their houses. I am constantly thinking and looking for significant tasks that integrate and increase their understanding of a skill in order to make them competitive learners. Lastly, I am taking student interest into consideration when planning my lessons. In the past, I mostly differentiated based on readiness. Teachers with a fluid mindset see differentiation as a given-as a part of what it takes to maximize student potential (Tomlinson, 2010). From now on, I will begin using interest and readiness as the centers of my differentiation. For instance, I know that all my students love to draw, and the boys love soccer. I am using that information to look for stories about soccer and sports. I am also trying to integrate drawing within science and math. I will start with small changes and continue to increase based on my advancement.
Excellent teachers do not develop full-blown at graduation; nor are they just “born teachers”. Instead, teachers are always in the process of “becoming” (Nieto,...

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