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My Reflection Of The Past Five Weeks

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As I reflect on the past five weeks I have discovered there is more to learning than I originally perceived. The term learning, to me, meant receiving new information, retaining it, and being able to apply this new knowledge in any everyday situation. While this definition still holds true, I have learned that there is much more to learning. For instance, learning is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all ability. Everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way, this is called our Learning Patterns. Your personal learning patterns are made up of your use of sequence, precision, technical reasoning, and confluence. There are Dynamic, Strong-Willed and Bridge learners, each having their ...view middle of the document...

Sequence is a use first pattern that I call upon to schedule my days, make order out of any task I am undertaking, so I have an understanding of what is being asked of me, and ensure that my notes are in order. I need to work with a clear mind in a clean atmosphere and my sequential pattern makes that possible. Next, I use precision at a use first level, this is my go-to pattern for every task. I am extremely detail oriented and ask a lot of question so I feel as if I am in the know. I must execute my work, my way and I strive for perfection which can get in the way at times. I love to share information and writing is one of my favorite things to do if I am not reading. Technical reasoning is used as needed, I can work with tools and enjoy creating objects with my hands. I love puzzles and I seek a challenge in everything I do, or else I risk getting bored. I also use confluence as needed, taking risks can be scary but it is necessary for success. I do not use this pattern as much as the others but when all my patterns are used in conjunction, with intent, it leads to a smoother work flow. I use precision to ask the questions needed to take in the world around me, sequence is then used to make sense out the information I am taking in. Confluence is also used when taking in information, being able to look at things from a different point of view gives you a broader outlook on the task at hand. Technical reasoning is used in conjunction with each pattern, because I need a plan, directions and an idea of what the project I am working on looks like before I can begin to figure things out.
The benefits of my personal learning pattern outweigh any challenges I may face. Having such a high precision level I am able to take in the world around me through reading and asking questions, there is an endless supply of information out there and I am on a quest to get it. During this course I mainly used sequence and precision, although, confluence was used as well. When tackling an assignment my precision level helps me gather as much information as possible, I read everything several times and ensure I know what I am doing before I start. Once I start a project my sequence level keeps me on track from beginning to end, everything must be in order. Confluence was called upon when facing a difficult assignment or question I have never considered. The use of confluence helps you to brainstorm new ideas so...

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