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My Reflection On Riding The Bus

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Riding the bus for the first time was a great experience for me, I took the bus at Fayetteville State University all the way to the transfer center which was at Downtown Fayetteville. I wanted ride to all the time point so I had to take the bus again to its transfer point and then back to Fayetteville State University. My experience on the bus was awesome been that it was my first time of riding the bus. On time performance on routes was awesome the driver or the operator was on time. The bus was at the time point (FSU) at 11:40am and was not late, it was within the 5 minutes regulation. Also the operator was very friendly with riders who were riding the bus and yes she knew almost ...view middle of the document...

Travel time was vital and the bus was able to move quickly and efficiently through traffic in order to keep schedule.
In term of kind of people who rides the bus, depends on where you are. The kind of people who rode the bus I took were mainly blacks, students, adult and children. Most the people were between the ages of 5 to 65. Also when a bus stops for a passenger to get on, the operator always wait for every passenger to swipe or insert their pass or money into the fare box before the bus can move again. In a lot of situation the driver helps the passenger insert and swipe the pass to avoid time wasting. The bus technology was an awesome thing. There were cameras in and out of the bus, and what I observed was that one cameras was on the operator, one is position to watch what goes on in front of the bus , there was a couple of them on the passengers monitoring what goes on in the bus and there are some cameras outside as well. There was a network of cord which passengers pulls to indicate where they would get off or the next stop. When this cord is pulled the bus announce where the stop will be. The bus will stop at the next stop and before getting off, one can check to make sure they have their belongings with them. When approaches a time point the bus will again announce where the bus has gotten to like Fayetteville State University, etc. Boarding and off loading times were at least 1 to 2 minutes beside there no situation where someone in a wheel chair was tries to board or get off.
Passenger amenities is like shelters and bus stops to the passengers before beginning the journey, during journey and completion of journey. It is granted at stations and specific places. The spacing varies because we have to remember that, spacing of stops cannot be looked at solely in the situation of a given bus line. Most people don't just walk from stop to stop along a bus route, they walk from someplace near the bus stop. That place could be 1-2 blocks or more away from the bus line. The typical passenger will only walk for about 1/4 mile nothing more. Shelters are semi-enclosed structures near bus stops and transfer points that provide protection to riders from inclement weather including heavy rain, sun and strong winds. Shelters can also be found at shopping centers, public facilities, and other locations requested by public officials or private organizations. Bus shelters size should vary based on the volume of riders, 6’x12’ for regular shelters, 6’x18’ (extra wide) for major transfer points. Also shelters should include an extension pad for trash bins, vendor boxes and other accessories. Bus shelters should include attached or...

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