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My Research Paper

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Did you know “AIDS is the leading cause of death in Africa” (Quinn, online). Twenty percent of Africa’s population has died from AIDS. Poverty is a big problem in Africa. Men have been forced to become migrant workers in urban areas. And antiretroviral treatment at this time is not available to African people. AIDS is a big problem in Africa today that is now requiring help from the world.
There are an immense amount of problems in Africa caused by the AIDS disease. Healthcare providers are available and located all over Africa. Even though they are available, they have only “enough medicine for long-term survival available for 30,000 Africans” (Copson, 3).
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Some of their duties in the family included chores, making the meals, etc. Every day the older sister would have to drop the six kids off at school a mile from her school, then after school go and pick them up and walk home. Those are just some of the duties of an orphan.
There are many solutions to Preventing AIDS, helping people with AIDS, and spreading awareness about AIDS. One way is to get treatment. One treatment you can pay to receive is the antiretroviral treatment. “Antiretroviral drugs are medications for the treatment of infection by retroviruses” (Science daily, web).
Furthermore; you should stay protected and make smart decisions these are a few other solutions. To do this the government is “promoting use of condoms” (Lerner, 4459). This is to help keep AIDS from spreading. 1986 to the 2000’s the number of people who have died from aids has gone up by eight times the amount of Africans in 1986.
The last solution is they could start to educate more Africans on AIDS. To do this they have to start talking to the people about this disease. To start, they should start talking about AIDS to the children at the schools (the older kids). And they should start holding meetings in Africa that people can attend to learn more on AIDS. Only “Two African countries leaders using “Social Marketing” have successfully reversed the AIDS disease” (Barber). This shows not many countries in Africa are...

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