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My Response To The Nlcs Dress Code

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As a junior at Bedford North Lawrence I can easily rattle off a list of at least 30 girls, that I personally know, that have had altercations with some aspect of the Bedford North Lawrence dress code. If you fall under the category of female it’s safe to assume that you will have a target on your back (more likely your thighs and chest) at all times. Looking back upon the beginning of the school year and the decisions that were made regarding dress code I can say that, without a doubt, the code itself and its enforcement were not appropriate due to the confusion, animosity, and distrust created between the school and it’s students and parents.
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The embarrassing occurrence in Source D of a girl getting called out in front of her peers is nothing new and something I’ve seen multiple times. Even I have been significantly embarrassed by a teacher that called me out right after the bell rang and everyone had sat down to begin math class. I was confused as to why this teacher didn’t respectfully stop me when she was standing outside of her classroom door greeting students as they walked in. Just like the author of Source D, I realized that this teacher was trying to make an example out of me, and there was no better way to get her point across than to use a good student who never gets in trouble. Luckily, this was at the beginning of the school year and nearly everyone in the class understood the agenda of the new Nazi dress code regime, so I received no snide comments. The issue with how this was handled is that, a teacher behaving in this way would portray the message that it was acceptable for the young men to act in this way as well. In reality, it’s not ok for anyone, superiors or otherwise, to judge others based on what they choose to put on their bodies. This creation of shame for what women are naturally born with is sickening.
Source B was relatively uninformative as Mrs. Lee was not in school during the first ever BNL dress code hell week at the beginning of the year, but a few things stuck out to me. Mrs. Lee stated that she believed there was no gender bias in the dress code, which I disagree with. Females are always more closely examined upon entry into school every morning. Although the word “girls” is only mentioned in the handbook once, nearly all of the rules are implied to be for females, due to the fact that the majority of the male population does not wear skirts or low cut tops. She also mentioned that there was never a change in the code or its enforcement. While I agree that there truly never was a change in the written dress code itself, there was very obviously was a change in how the rules were enforced in the first few weeks. Without this change the Facebook group “Say No to the BNL Dress Code”, as in Source C, that claimed 1000+ members would have had no reason to form. As a result of the outrageous...

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