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English has always been my favorite subject in school because a person can learn a lot through writing and can express themselves in many ways. Through taking this class I have realized that there are certain things most high school students think they know about English but in all reality there is a lot more to writing then just expressing yourself. I have personally learned how to write a summary and response paper, rhetorical analysis paper, synthesis paper, peer reviews and I have also learned how important your audience is during the writing process.

Before embarking of the journey of college classes I thought that I had everything in writing figured out. This class has opened my eyes to other writing process and styles as well as to new ideas. Writing a summary and response over our textbook reading was very new to me. I have had to do book reports before and write papers about my personal opinions but never knew how to take a reading and read. Through the process of summary and response I have learned that being able to critically analyze and respond is helpful for studying in other classes. My medical terminology class was difficult in the beginning but after applying the idea of reading something and then summarizing it in a way I could remember I began getting A’s on most tests.

Synthesis paper was completely new to me. I had never even heard of them yet alone attempted to write either of these types of papers. The Synthesis paper was probably the hardest one for me because I did not even know where to begin. After doing research and figuring out what needed to be done I chose the topic of traditional school calendar and year-round school calendar. Through that assignment I learned that regardless of how many you sides you think there are to an argument its worth doing the research to see if there are alternative viewpoints. This has been helpful in issues that have come up in my life on many occasions since beginning this semester.

My favorite part of this entire class would have to be the peer reviews. Personally I enjoy reading what others have to say and also receiving feedback on what I...

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