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My Road To Becoming An Engineer

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“If I can can, you can can”. This was the last sentence of an inspirational TED talk by a stand-up comedian about how she tackled the obstacles in her life with humour and grace and refusal to give up. Similar was my expression when I visited a science exhibition organized at my school where stupendous projects were presented by the students. That was when I decided I would be an engineer.
As I began to pursue this newfound interest, I soon realized that there’s engineering to show off, and then there’s the engineering that runs in the background. Familiar with the outlook of the former, I dug deeper about the latter, and soon realized that it was electrical engineering that was ‘the one’ for me, a view further strengthened after I enrolled in the bachelors programme at University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (UET Lahore). Slowly and steadily, I began to unravel the titbits that were mysteries to me when I was a kid and so, my hunger for more grew. When we studied about digital logic design and microprocessors, I was excited. With the knowledge of signals and systems and control systems, I was euphoric. Studies of digital system design, digital signal processing and industrial electronics, made me ecstatic.
During the course of my undergraduate study I was exposed to various courses with practical applications like Digital Logic Design, Microprocessor Systems, Control Systems, Digital Signal Processing, and Industrial Electronics. In all these courses my performance has been good as I secured mostly A grade in these courses. I secured an internship with ‘Agritech Fertilizers Limited’ in Department of Instrumentation and Control in the summer of my junior year. There, I got a chance to study the basic instruments that collect the plant data and control techniques to control the process variables.
Working on the projects provides a sound technical base to the theoretical knowledge. In my final year, I joined hands with three other students to undertake a first of its kind project in my department. The title of the project was “Electroencephalography (EEG) Based Home Appliances Control for Handicapped Persons”. While discussing this idea, we were even discouraged by some of our seniors but our determination, continuous struggle and perseverance paid off in the end and we were able to successfully complete this project. We got A+ grade in the project and also got third position in IEEE project exhibition organized by IEEE Lahore chapter.
I am a person who...

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