My Role As A Citizen Of Earth

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I represent the most intelligent organism of earth the homosapien sapiens which control the world and the other living been with physical and chemical factors of earth. Therefore I should play a major role to protect the earth, the other resources such as water, soil, minerals then the organism autotrophic and heterotrophic and the climatical condition and for the organism present and the future generation.
Past man’s basic necessity was limited they just obtain raw materials and basic necessity for shelter food warmth but today the wants have become unlimited. So at the present time they try to change in a largest massive scale to full fill their necessities this maked the entire earth and ...view middle of the document...

There are many animals and plants which are endangered in “Red Data Book” I should protect this so that the planet earth will have all varieties of plants and animals. I would appreciate the Red Indian leader Setty who thought the trees were there brothers and the flowers were there sister and the mountains and beasts were there relation and lake were full of their blood and red Indians which will never give monetary value I would too accept the role to protect the earth.
Today the countries are competitive with each other, other are many state tone and private tone industry which obtain scale resources without leaving a trace. Many resources lethosphia has altered for requirement many power stations produce harmful radio activities such as gem rays which pollute the atmosphere I would prevent these kinds of illegal activities and help the entire organism obtain pure air from atmosphere most of the water bodies’ livers lake seas oceans have been polluted for many reasons due to using lager scale. As a citizen of earth I would like to be developed citizen physically and mentally and morally and behave in the society without harming or hurting the other human beings I would practice by religion and follow the principle of the religion which will develop me morally and...

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