My Role As The Building Technology Contact

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As the Building Technology Contact (BTC) for my school, I participate in establishing procedures and policies, and I help plan, budget, and implement resources for our school’s technology environment. As a degree-seeking student in the University of Alaska Southeast’s Educational Technology Masters Program, I have participated in a variety of professional development opportunities related to management of school facilities, technology resources, and purchases.

As a BTC, I am often responsible for various aspects of the school’s technology facilities. Rogers Park Elementary serves approximately 600 students in grades K-6. We have approximately 40 staff members using technology as an instructional tool. At the beginning of each year, I am responsible for updating the computers on our server network. This process is known as re-imaging and is a remote means of installing new software packages and updates using our Local Area Network (LAN). Teachers and students have different images for their computers. Throughout the year, as issues arise, I am responsible for assisting teachers and students or directing them to the correct place for help. I work closely with our Educational Technology and Information Technology departments to make sure all staff members have the most current information possible; I send emails, make announcements at staff meetings, or organize formal training opportunities.

My role as a BTC includes participating in decisions about new purchases. I often research technologies and make recommendations aligned with the ASD Educational Technology Plan 2008-2011 (ASD, 2008). During the information gathering, decision-making, and implementing process, I collaborate with our district’s Educational Technology Representative, our school’s Technology Committee, our school staff and administration, and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The school technology facilities and resources are public property, so the process of consensus is necessary to ensure buy-in for expenditure decisions and to ensure that technology needs are being met. Last year, based partly on my recommendations for our school’s technology needs, a legislative grant request was submitted. Last month, we received notice that the legislature approved the grant and our school will receive significant funds for technology. Next year, based partly on my recommendations, our school will also receive new student laptops for our existing laptop cart. As the BTC, I will work with our Educational Technology representative, review research, and planning for the...

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