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Being from a middle class modern day gesellschaft community living in the foothills of the Cascades I rarely, until now, have thought about how I became the way I am. I have held many statuses in my life including: fisherman, photographer, student, mountain climber, son, friend,boyfriend, laborer. Statuses come and go but the two achieved statuses that will hopefully stick with me for life are photographer and climber. As a climber the role I am expected to take is one of safety and competence. People expect me to know how to use the gear and get them home safe. To keep the status of a climber I have to train rigorously. With that comes some role conflict. My girlfriend is not a climber and expects me to be home on my days off. Climbing is big part of my life and I have to try and balance the two but sometimes climbing wins. That creates a big conflict between the boyfriend me and the climbing me. Being part of the climbing community gives me the sense that it is a in-group for me. The use of the internet has allowed me to be part of the social network of climbers to spread word of new places to climb and meeting new groups to go climb with. Sometimes we have multiple groups meet up where half of the people do not know each other. This can cause some potential role strains because you are expected to go from a new acquaintance to a trustworthy be-layer . My master status use to be that of a photographer, but since getting sick with lyme disease four years ago I have become the guy with lyme disease. Chronically ill people are never looked at the same again. Take Michael “Magic” Johnson the basketball player. His master status used to be pro basketball player. Now people just see him as the guy who use to have HIV.
As a photographer I have been trying to get out and photograph people more as oppose to photographing nature. The role of a portrait photographer is one of being excited, getting the client motivated and to trust you so they can open up. I am sort of a shy person so I am finding that this kind of role strain is hampering my ability to photograph people as well as I do nature.

As a college student I am expected to do the work and try for good grades. Having good grades hopefully lands you a good job so you can be a supportive and contributing member of your family and society. Unfortunately since I got sick my rock climbing ability has diminished a bit but I still consider my climbing group my primary group. I still teach people how to climb and it makes me happy passing on that information to someone...

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