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‎‘My Role Is To...’ Iranian Authors’ Use Of Discourse Functions In Applied Linguistic Articles

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Corpus-based inquiries into professionals’ academic discourse (both written and spoken) ‎certainly offer valuable insights for curriculum design (Luzo´n, 2009). Moreover, corpus ‎analysis has been verified as a beneficial instrument in illustrating a number of distinguishing ‎characteristics of academic written discourse (Charles, 2006; Gledhill, 2000; Luzo´n, 2000). ‎Investigations carried out on non-native corpora have shown various problems that non-‎natives encounter when writing educational or academic papers; for instance, overuse of ‎opinion indicators and authorial presence markers (Flowerdew, 2000). While numerous ‎corpus-based inquiries have examined the rhetorical or ...view middle of the document...

Even research papers in hard ‎sciences like Physics and Engineering have shown to carry a self-promotional tone by using ‎various linguistic markers (Harwood, 2005a; Lafuente Millán, 2010). This growing increase of ‎authors’ presence in written discourse, as claimed by Berkenkotter and Huckin (1995), is due ‎to the writers’ intention for publicizing their studies partly for the reason that publishing an ‎article in a high-status journal has turned to be very demanding nowadays. In this regard, ‎demonstrating a particular identity in the writings is influential in making an academic paper ‎convincing and this can be partially accomplished by using self-mention indicators; for ‎example, personal pronouns and self-citations (Hyland, 2001). Researchers have illustrated a ‎growing interest in the use of authorial presence markers in writing academic discourse (e.g., ‎Hyland, 2001; Molino, 2010). This could be partly due to its significance as a rhetorical ‎strategy that permits writers to highlight their contributions to their academic field and further ‎to allow them in building an authoritative self (Hyland, 2002; Tang & John, 1999). Kuo ‎‎(1999) indicated that certain styles and linguistic strategies are employed by writers to claim ‎importance for their studies in the practice community they write for. As Tang and John ‎‎(1999) maintained, authorial markers like first person pronouns assist in projecting several ‎dissimilar personas that vary in their extents of authorial manifestations. In the same vein, ‎Hyland (2001) considered the use of authorial identity markers as a technique to demonstrate ‎the originality of the researchers’ works. ‎
‎ Authors are able to create a self-promotional tenor in their writings by using a multitude of ‎authorial presence indicators: self-citations (Harwood, 2005a; Hyland, 2001), personal ‎pronouns (Hyland, 2002), possessive determiners (e.g., Hyland, 2002; Tang & John, 1999), ‎etc. As regards pronouns, they can be exercised in a self-promotional way once authors ‎present themselves or their writings in a unique way. Law and Williams (1982) and Gilbert ‎and Mulkay (1984) argued that the marketing of this sort is predominantly common at the ‎beginning of the RAs. In Swales’ (1990) terms, by creating a research space at the beginning ‎of the RAs, writers illustrate how their work differs from others and why their work is ‎worthy of attention. Other scholars (e.g., Harwood, 2005a; Isik Tas, 2008) have discussed ‎that whereas some uses of promotional techniques carry a low degree of risk for authors, other ‎uses, for instance when authors make assertions or claims, are more face-threatening.‎
‎ It is generally held that native English-speaking authors are more confident in using self-‎promotional features than non-native writers. In this regard, Hyland (2002) explored the ‎concept of authorial identity in L2 academic texts by analysing the use of personal pronouns ‎in the theses of the undergraduates. It was...

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