My Room Tells The Truth About Me

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"My room tells the truth about me"

It can be very obstinate to imagine that material things reveal a person's personality, after all a bedrooms just were you sleep isn't it? But to me that's not the case.
Firstly I can control it, but more importantly it is a place of refuge from day to day bustle. My room contains all of my worldly possessions and is the only place in life that is completely and utterly left to me to do as I wish with. It is an exhibit of my inner secrets and habits.

As you enter my room you will be struck by the obvious untidiness. This is because of the day-by-day build-up of unorganised medley, spread from corner to corner of this humble abode like a minefield, along with the constant mound of unwashed rugby kit, and crumpled and foetid trails of expended casual clothes.

The unwashed rugby kit shows my love of sport, including the great outdoors, and the fact I do not mind getting dirty for a cause I enjoy. On the other hand, the crumpled casual clothes show that I am active, but that I enjoy my leisure time and indeed, freedom from the burden of work and chores.

This soiled, stinking pile of garments, is hardly ever moved; left to grow into this mountainous accumulation, reinforcing my sluggishness and hatred of labour.

School is a major part of my life and my room reflects this. A big chunk of my room is dedicated solely to it, to show the truth about how important I feel school is. School is the doorway to a better life, so, although it seems a monotonous job doing homework etc, I regard it as a worthwhile sacrifice.

The next most noticeable thing about my bedroom, completely covered by random sheets of paper, which elaborate equations, essays and formulae, is my work desk. The blue carpet tapered with white like the crests of waves surround the overcrowded island are dried up pens, thick and open books, with empty coffee mugs leaving rings of foul and sticky liquid imprinted on the wooden surface marking the spot for buried treasures of work. Adjacent to the desk lies a small overflowing bin with sweet wrappers and lost ideas, on discarded sheets of paper.

This reflects, mainly on my working lifestyle. Although I hate extra work, and do not enjoy chores or cleaning up, I know how to work hard, and I am not afraid of doing whatever it takes to finish the job at hand. The coffee shows that caffeine is sometimes a necessity: I am willing, if needs be, to stay up late and work.

The wardrobe in my room contains a vast collection of necessary uniforms for cadets a green camouflage and Kilt dress for nights out. I am made to take pride in my appearance, and in the case of uniforms, be responsible...

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