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My Rules On The Path To Success

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Chapter 1: Make the most out of many mentors.
“A wise man one told me “You don’t find mentors; mentors find you,” (Bliwas 17)
As I was in the process of applying to San Diego State University, I found myself confused on what college I wanted to attend; it was until then when I met a great person, my high school counselor. This women is the wisest women that you will ever met; not only did she encourage me to apply to San Diego State University, but she has always been here for me, she was more like a sister to me. As the days went by I started to enjoy spending time with her and helping her with her work during school hours as well as outside school. I knew I could trust her because she ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, using instinct for my advantage is one of the things that I have to learn because not everybody who looks trustworthy will be, and in the process of working with probation kids I will be dealing with people who will not want to make a change in their life, but will try to go around the system. One perfect example would be, when we had a client come into the facility at Metro drunk and high, and had probation for drugs. These people know that metro is a drug free environment, but they still try to go around the rules believing that staff at Metro will not notice.
Chapter 3: Strive to be a better person than an employee.
Striving to be a better person than an employee can be seen as making a change in people’s lives, helping them out when they have no one else to go to. Many of the Clients at Metro have nobody to go to when they feel down, most of their families have turned their back on them because of the things that they have done, and they are quick on judging them instead of being a support for them; many of the clients are homeless, and part of being a Client at Metro is finding them housing and being someone who they can trust with their issues. As Bliwas said in chapter 3, “… leader[s] cannot take a dime and should never do anything that might taint his reputation. He said that you had an obligation to both the party and the city, and that a good leader helps people.” (63-4) At metro I try to help Clients with things that re on my hands, such as helping them apply to college, financial aid and even help them pick classes. Another part of being a great leader one must [be]…able to communicate, motivate, listen, create trust, and earn respect…” (Bliwas 64) By doing so, I have eared the trust of some of the clients and employees of Metro.
Chapter 4: Take responsibility seriously.
My internship at metro is something that I take very serious, not only because I deal with sensitive information, but also because I have people that look after me; and it can also take me somewhere further in the future. Also, the connections and relationships that I make there can follow me in my career and in the long run. Further, even if I have to do things that I do not like to do at Metro I still do them, for example being in the front desk is something that I dislike because do not get any on hands experience, and yet I still do it because it is my responsibility to help the staff at Metro at anything that they need and volunteering for things that no one wants to do are part of being an intern.
Chapter 5: Master the art of purposeful learning.
The journey began when I decided to do an internship, and will continue after I graduate, within those journeys knowledge will come along the way, it will be important that I keep an open mind and take as much as I can, from experiences like the one that I was granted at Metro; where I get to interact with probation juveniles and I get to speak to each one of them one-on-one and get to experience being similar...

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