My Sacrifice For Clair Essay

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A dozy morning awakens before my eyes. A warm breast rushes throughout the room bring in the fresh sent of rain and roses all about me. I wake up in this room with pale walls and plush blue green carpet. The carpet lay softly under my feet in a room tat is not truly mine. I put on this mask who I truly am.

My black hair cascades freely down my back in lose,curled,tangles. My crystal blue eyes like frost, that turn to puddles of liquid silver when my grad is down are framed my snow pale skin.

I look up from my thoughts to see her face. My eyes meet her gases and at once my heart is sent in to a flutter. Not like a flapping wings a butterfly but as in my heart was the wings of a humming bird ...view middle of the document...

To her my slumber is just a blip in time. In reality I leave her side for days at a time.

"What you only slept for a few hours," she said with a confused look on her face and worry in her eyes.

"I just hate leaving your side," I said embrace her into a hug.

Suddenly I feel a strong force pulling me for my dream world in to reality.

"What are you doing," leasha asked as she smashed her fist into the wall sending a small crack to ripple up the side of this Gothic castle?

"I am doing my job. She is not ready to die yet," I said without a second thought.

"She was to die a week ago and you know it. She will become a creature like a zombie. I think it is time you step down and get some rest to clear your mind. I will go end the low life scum seance your no longer fit to do so,"she said holing on to every ounce of courage she had left. She thinks I have softened, I have take thousands of souls. I am her queen she will not disrespect me like this.

"Why do you think of all people I must clear my mind," I yelled back to her as she walked away from me only to come back to pace around me. Analyzing my every move.

"You have fallen for her. I can see it in your eyes," she said. I look a step towards her closing the gap between us only to be inches from her face.

"Have you...

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