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My Visit To The Dia Essay

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I chose the DIA to visit and right about, it was the hottest day of the year, July 21st if there is one complaint I have is that their isn’t enough close parking for the DIA. Driving around John R I thought perhaps I could park at the Detroit Science Center, but it was patrolled by hot scary look security guards. Next option was to drive down to the VA and walk down, with that heat the idea was nixed. I eventually found a spot off Woodward to park, and thus my adventure began. As we entered in I was awe struck by the fountains they looked so cool and refreshing. My favorite was the stair fountain, proceeding up the stairs I spied the statue of Neptune, the detail was amazing my daughter chimed in “that’s my favorite dad. Yes my daughter accompanied me on the epic journey; in which I owe her many kudos for keeping dad on mission and on point. Upon entering the DIA I was filled with a since of amazement and wonder; I hadn’t been there since I was in grade school actually felt ashamed for the long absence. The Museum was immaculately clean and well kept; every single employee was extremely courteous and helpful.
We made our way through the animal exhibits, which is wonderful, but what really caught my eye was the Diego Rivera Lithograph Boy and Dog it was done in 1932, Rivera Native American style resonates with me. The shading and shadow blend seamlessly Boy and Dog is playful and joyful which harkens back to a simpler time. In addition to the Rivera’s Lithograph is the Rivera Court the Fresco is amazing and captivating I didn’t want to leave and spent most of my time. The Fresco was a “tribute to cities manufacturing base and labor force of the 1930’s; Rivera completed the twenty seven panel work in eleven months.”It is considered the finest example of Mexican mural art in the United States. (DIA)
We spent quite sometime in the animal exhibit, my daughter brought to my attention the engraving Temptation of Eve this piece was done approximately 1545 Jean Mignon its detail is spectacular and life like. What I most found intriguing was the serpent; I’m very familiar with the story of Eve’s temptation by serpent “Satan” Mignon depiction of the tempter as female. A snake like body until the torso then a woman upper body, this was perplexing to me. After further digging the female serpent was a common theme in this period, as seen in a fresco by Michelangelo. A serpent with a woman’s head and blond hair also appears for example, a fresco by Masolino of the temptation on the entrance pilaster in the Brancaccio Chapel in St. Maria del Carmine in Florence. (Withcombe) Because of my faith I am drawn to art that depicts my Christian beliefs which brought me to a Scandinavian Baptismal Font this work is from the 1100’s it artist is unknown. I imagine young and old holding on to their Norse religions and Mythology begrudgingly being converted and baptized into Christianity. There was very little information about the font I’m not sure what it was sculpted...

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