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Summary of the Korean WarFrom Seesaw to StalemateOn 25 June 1950, Communist North Korean troops poured across the border into South Korea, intent on reunifying the country through force of arms. What began as an escalation in Korea's bitter civil war soon exploded into a major international crisis, as first the United States and then Red China intervened by sending hundreds of thousands of their own ground troops into battle to prevent the defeat of their respective Korean allies. The war's first year brought seesawing fortunes on the battlefield. After the Communists captured more than 90 percent of the Korean Peninsula, pushing the South Koreans and their American allies to the brink of defeat, a brilliant counterattack engineered by General Douglas MacArthur quickly drove the North Koreans back across the border. Now the Americans surged forward, driving north toward China in hopes of liberating North Korea entirely from Communist rule. But just as MacArthur declared victory to be at hand, hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers unexpectedly poured into Korea, catching the Americans off-guard and sending them into a desperate retreat of their own. Eventually the Americans were able to re-establish a defensive line, ironically located almost exactly at the 38th parallel-the line that had divided North and South Korea before the war began. There, by early 1951, the fighting settled into an uneasy stalemate-a stalemate that continues to this very day, as the Korean War never officially ended.Korea, the first place where the Cold War turned hot, is thus also perhaps the last place on earth where the Cold War still wages on....

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Anorexia Nervosa in Stick Figure A Diary of My Former Self

1565 words - 6 pages The book Stick Figure A Diary Of My Former Self is a personal journal written by Lori Gottlieb when she was 11 years old suffering from anorexia nervosa. “Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes people to obsess about their weight and the food they eat.” ( Most eating disorders are physiological due to friends and family, stress, and the social media. Anorexia nervosa, like all other eating disorders, is extremely

Discontinuity in Self-Reliance and When I Consider How My Light Is Spent

1862 words - 7 pages Discontinuity in Self-Reliance and When I Consider How My Light Is Spent        Ralph Waldo Emerson emphatically proclaims in "Self-Reliance" that "the highest merit we ascribe to Moses, Plato, and Milton is that they set naught at traditions but spoke…what they thought" (515). Emerson declares that Milton’s greatness is attributed not to conformity but rather to originality. Milton’s break with consistent expectations is epitomized in

Jealousy and Self-Love in My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

541 words - 2 pages Robert Browning's dramatic poem "My Last Duchess" defines how extremely a person may lose touch with reality, as a result of jealousy and self-love.  This central thought is achieved through an aristocrat's conversation with a visitor concerning a painting of his ex-wife; within the conversation, the aristocrat--Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara--reveals that he has been a key figure in the murder of his late wife.  The Duke's sense of reality and

Inner Journeys -Referring to Sally Morgan's "My place", Kenneth Graham's "Wind in the Willows" and SKP's "Journey to the Self"

1217 words - 5 pages emotional pilgrimage and provides new insights for the mind and spirit. The full effect of these journeys can only be completely understood and appreciated if one takes the time to reflect on their progress. The three texts explore different journeys, some involving a physical journey as well as an inner journey. My Place, by Sally Morgan is a quest Narrative, which follows the journey of discovery taken by Sally as she unveils her Aboriginal heritage

My personal culture self disclosure and communication

1290 words - 5 pages My heritage is unknown by my family and myself. I have tried to do a genealogy tree and did not get very far. My dad's favorite thing to say is that we are mutts with a little bit of everything in us. I was able to trace our ancestor's back to Germany, the continent in Europe. .         As a child, I grew up as an Army brat. With my father being in the service, I had the opportunity to experience life in many different places. I have

An imaginative journey leaning self reflection. involves the two texts "This Lime Tree Bower My Prison" by Coleridge and the front page of the mercury weekender "journey to the unknown"

2252 words - 9 pages always remembering and worshiping its creator, that is God. Nature was often used in romantic poetry as an expression of the internal emotions and not as an imitation of nature.Different forms and features are used in LTBMP as it is a written text type. At the start of the poem Coleridge is drowning in his own self pity due to the disappointment that he could not go on the bush walk with his friends. He says “this lime tree bower my prison

My Past, Present & Future Self in Hyderabad and the United States

1237 words - 5 pages Making my way through the crowded streets of Hyderabad (India), I arrive at the door step of a bakery shop. I have picked up some freshly baked sweet rolls for breakfast. My family really enjoys breakfast the day sweet rolls with jelly and warm milk are on the menu. Over breakfast, my family usually discusses any important events of the day ahead. Most families in India create a strong sense of family bond and aim to instill good values in


995 words - 4 pages application and analysis of such constructs as ideal self, actual self, and ought self a better understanding of my own personal cellphone use was identified. As an owner of smartphone I have the ability to access limitless amounts of information at the push of a button. I have a total of 40 applications on my cellphone. That seems like allot however, my phone came with 25. These 25 application are barely used at all and include such things as the


642 words - 3 pages Defining Self PerceptionKnowing yourself is the first step in understanding the significance and impact of our self-concept. Self-perception is a concept lived in the real. None can know you better than you know yourself. It is commonly used to refer the information of one's particular mental states, including one's desires, beliefs and sensations.Often it is used to refer to knowledge about a carrying on self ontological nature, personality

Self Assessment

672 words - 3 pages later. Two college classes focused on writing skills, with one being more successful than the other due to the teaching methods. After completing these classes my skills have improved but I still have many weaknesses I am hoping to overcome throughout this course. I am focused on improving my writing skills in order to advance my career and this self-assessment is my first step towards that goal.

Self Satisfaction

515 words - 2 pages . Something told me that it was up to me to change things and make it right between her and I.Although the situation seems negative I was able to take a very positive lesson away. I learned all about self satisfaction and how important it really is. It did not matter about the other girls and their relationship towards this one girl. Once I made amends with her everything seemed much better. I learned that it is important to live my life the way I want

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Refleciton Of My Self Essay

3054 words - 13 pages Reflection of My Self Looking at myself and the makeup of my character has given me a better understanding of myself. How my certain traits and abilities that stand out are a reflection of what can make me better and what hurdles I must get over to achieve my goals. Taking different tests that reflect who I am such as the personality test. Scoring high in areas such as self-efficacy and self-discipline reasserting my thoughts on myself when

My Personal Feelings Of Self Worth

589 words - 2 pages down a path of self-doubt and eventually given the right circumstances a lower self-esteem. My parents where very overprotective which sounds good on the surface, but this caused me to feel unequal to my peers since my parents would not let me play sports or even go on a field trip one time because it involved taking a harbor cruise around the bay, they thought I would fall off the boat. I was the only child not allowed go on the field trip. My

My Self Improvement Project: Time Management

1485 words - 6 pages last minute to complete my assignments and do my homework without being ready to do them physically and morally. I also find my self forgetting what I have to do , missing deadlines, putting some unrealistic goals, worrying about an exam if I don’t prepare for it. I often waste my energy on less important tasks; consequently, I fail to complete successfully the more important ones. I sleep very late then I don’t have enough hours to sleep ,so I

Extended Analysis Of The Michael Leunig Cartoon "My Former Self"

1137 words - 5 pages should and to be successful, they lose their inner self and who they are. I think that we can get caught up in the race to the top and we end up living a lie about who we really are and what we really value. In Leunig’s cartoon “My Former Self” he suggests people are trying to rid themselves of flaws, recreating themselves to better suit society, sacrificing happiness, disguising themselves to better fit what they want, and some people