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My High School Locker Essay

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"Here's your locker combination. Just go right down that hall," said Mrs. Breech pointing toward the sophomore hall. I walked into the sophomore hall so that I could find my locker and make sure that my combination worked. I turn the shiny black dial right to 27, left to 49, right again to 32. Clicking at each number, the lock clicked once more as I lifted the small silver latch. I was ecstatic that my clean, creamy white locker had the correct combination. That would make my life a lot easier when school started in two weeks.
On the first day of school, my locker is still clean and radiant in the fluorescent hall lighting. Gradually books accumulate on the bottom shelf, and syllabuses and lists of rules fill the top shelf. My cousin's large grey sweatshirt, complete with a cigarette burn hole, occupies the hook. Eventually these are joined by a myriad of assignments, which are prone to flying out if the door is opened. One day, on the top shelf, an odd green spot appears. There's moss growing in my locker.
The second quarter has begun and the huge amount of clutter in the once pristine locker is unbelievable. A small bag of Fruit Loops that has been sealed withpurple staples brighten the dull whiteness. They also add a little fruity pizzazz to the stale air. Joining the fruit loops on the bottom shelf, are the contents of the entire Library of Congress, which includes my English, history, chemistry, and algebra textbooks. Also on the bottom shelf is a dark pink magnetic organizer that has detached itself from the magnet. The magnet hangs on the locker wall, lonely without its companion and bearing gluey emotional scars. The gray sweatshirt on the hook has been replaced with a heavy Pacific Trail jacket that is the same color as the deep blue waters at Morrow Point. A pair of blue and red striped gloves peek from the pocket of the jacket. My...

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