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My Sheep Essay

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Even-toed, fluffy, serene, delightful – my sheep. I see them every morning when I wake up in my stone castle, snuggled on an island off the coast of Ireland. Every day I take a walk amongst my furry friends and watch the waves crash against the black rocks that protect my acreage. Life is bliss. I’m seventy-seven years old, and my whole life has been based on the dream of someday attaining this retirement dreamland. How did I get here? Well, it all started in my high school years when I was going through those awkward days with acne.
When I had started my junior year, I was intent on looking perfect academically. It took up a lot of energy. Energy that I had accumulated over time from the grief of the recent divorce, in my immediate family, and, like Lemony Snicket would say it, the unrelenting series of unfortunate events. During this time, I started questioning my Christian faith. I was asked by one of my friends, yet again, to go to her church youth group. After coming up with several terrible excuses and feeling guilty, I agreed to go. The sermon that night was about how “we are the sheep” and “God is the shepherd.” Surprisingly, I ended up really liking the speaker, Brandon Barnard, and went back the next week, and the next week, and by senior year I was in my own “small group.” I loved it because it brought me back to who I was - someone who loves life! I learned that not only should I give everyone a fair say, like Brandon, but I should also allow myself to have chance by living and loving instead of hoping and grieving.
After Brandon’s sermon on sheep, I realized that I was avoiding my life by pushing myself to edge with academics. I remember cramming my days with things to do because I...

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