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My Sister And Learning Essay

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My mother passed away and my father and I are raising my seven year old sister. I never noticed that many things she would do would be considered classically and operantly conditioned.
The first thing I noticed was that after coming home eating a snack, and talking to me for a bit. She would start to do her homework, the minute she was done she wanted a sticker on her sticker chart. At the end of the week if she had twenty stickers she would get a reward. She was operantly conditioned to do her homework when she got home resulting in a appetitive reinforcement, to strengthen the behavior.
I remember that taking away something good, would in turn make a bad behavior diminish. If my father ...view middle of the document...

My father's voice wouldn't wake her up, unless he called her multiple times and went into her room.
About two years ago a rather big dog got out of someones yard, and ended up biting my sister in the face. My sister was never afraid of dogs, seeing as we had two. With the dog biting her she was classically conditioned to have the unconditioned response of fear to be simulated with the conditioned stimulus of a dog. Since we had two smaller dogs, it seemed she drew a discrimination to small dogs and big dogs. She was afraid of big dogs but had no fear of smaller dogs. Although the dog was a german shepard, she generalized all big dogs as scary and mean. Now that she is seven, and has played with other big dogs, her classically conditioned fear of dogs has gone extinct.
“Most of everything we do is negative reinforcement” (Haskin, 2014). You said this in a class and the more I looked at my little sisters habitats the more I realized it. I always wanted to do my little sisters hair, and go shopping with her to choose her new cute outfits to wear. She...

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