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In the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon, we are met with a question can truth change. In the book the protagonist is Christopher, an autistic child living with his father. Throughout the book, many things that he thought to be true change. Firstly, Christopher thought that his father would never hurt anything, but he did. Secondly, he was not allowed to take the A-Level Maths because he went to a special school. Lastly, he thought that his dad would never lie to him and that changed as well. He had to fight through both the school and his mother to be able to take the test. Christopher had to go through much change throughout the novel. 
At the beginning of the book, Christopher had thought that his dad would never hurt anything or anyone. Christopher had thought that his dad was a great person, and that he would never do anything wrong. This turned out to be not true. His father denied killing the dog multiple times, but he did admit to doing the act.“I killed Wellington, Christopher.”(p.120) Wellington is their neighbor’s dog. From this quote, Christopher learnt that his dad really was not the person that he had thought his dad was.  Christopher changes because of this. He takes it upon himself to become more independent. Christopher left his father, and did it without his father’s knowledge or help.  This also proves that when Christopher’s knowledge of the truth failed him, he exiled himself from the fallacy that he thought to be true.
When Christopher want to take the A- level Maths, his school tells him that he can not do it. “No one has ever taken an A-level at our school before”(p. 44) This was initially true until Christopher made his father yelled at the principle to let him take it. Even after the school allowed him take it, his mother was not going to, and because of that, he had to make his mom let him take the test as well. From this, the reader...

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