My Sleeping Beauty Essay

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My Sleeping Beauty
"So Katelyn, where did you want to go tonight?" I ask her softly, waiting for her reaction and definite outburst. She turns to face me from the passenger seat of my 2000 Toyota Tundra, a look of disbelief on her face. "Are you kidding me Hunter James Caverly? I'm a girl. This stuff is important to our kind," she remarks angrily, though she probably suspects I am bluffing. I chuckle, amused by her touchiness. "I'm just kidding, sweetheart."
Tonight I am taking Katelyn on a moonlight picnic, which I spent all afternoon setting up. Katelyn is a hopeless romantic, so I know she'll love it. After, I plan on taking her to see a chick-flick, no matter how much torture it ...view middle of the document...

I broke my left arm in three places, fractured my right wrist, broke a couple of ribs, broke my left ankle, and broke my heart. Though I was in severe pain, I suspect Katelyn had it much worse.
For some reason, the doctors wouldn't tell me of her condition. They claimed I was 'too weak to take it', which was probably the worst thing to tell me. They could have said she is stable or that she is doing fine. I bet they would have had some pretty long noses by now if they did tell me that though. The guilt of hurting Katelyn, my love, is eating me inside out; gnawing at my soul.
A knock at the door cares away the grief, but only for a few moments, as it creeps back into my heart when the door opens. The doctor walks in, like she does every day, to see how I am and if I am improving. It has been like this for a few weeks now, routine almost. Maybe this time some good news will come. I shouldn't get my hopes up though. Every time I do, she crashes it down.
"Hello Hunter," Dr. Bonham says with a forced smile. I give her my famous poker face and glance back at the door, like every other day she tries to get me to talk. I haven't since the accident. I won't until they tell me of Katelyn's condition, which probably won't b for a while.
"We have some news on Katelyn," Dr. Bonham says slowly, and I snap my gaze back to her figure. Her face is now grim, and the hope building in my system since the day I woke up diminishes. "She's in a coma Hunter. She has been since the crash."
The doctors were right; I couldn't take it. After everything I had gone through to keep Katelyn happy, to just see her smile every day for three years, it was in vain. She could be gone, forever cursed to a coma, because of a mistake I made. "Will she wake up?" I ask, my voice raspy and pain lacing my words. With every glance at Dr. Bonham, my heart breaks a little more.
"Hunter, there's no sign she will wake up soon," she says hesitantly. "But I will allow you access to her room. As soon as you are mobile, you may visit her. I'm sorry," she says, before walking out abruptly. She's not sorry. They say they are, but they don't mean it. No one ever means it. In fact, it is a meaningless gesture, almost like love.
My heart is a collection of glass on the floor, scattered into a million pieces. It will rest like this for eternity, or as long as Katelyn is stuck in this form. There's no sign she will wake up soon. Those words echo around in my head, slowly making me go insane. How did I let this happen to her? It's all my's all my fault.
A month or so later, I am allowed to finally see Katelyn. A month of pure agony, not to mention the healing bones and being practically glued to a hospital bed. I have fought many battles with sword and shield trying to steal a glimpse of Katelyn, like prince saving his princess, though I doubt there is hope for Katelyn as this point. Hesitantly, I enter, and stare at the sleeping form on the bed. Katelyn...

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