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My Something Essay

2241 words - 9 pages

"Yu!" I heard coming from behind me. Right as I turned around a small girl came up and jumped on me.

"God d-..." I blurted out.

"Yu!! How dare you almost cuss when you haven't seen me for a year?!" She yelled.

"Hey calm down you pushed it outta me by jumping on me!"

She laughed, "I squeezed it outta ya, eh? Gross!"

She started to squish my sides, "Let's see what else I can make you say! Gui, gui, gui, gui..."

"No need for sound effects!" I snapped at her.

"You're so mean!" She pouted to me.

I smiled, "Oh, I know."

She made a grumpy face. "Dang you."

"So how was the year without me? Awful? Terrible? Lonely? I knew it!" Jonah said as she poked me.

"Actually, it wasn't to ...view middle of the document...

"Wow, no need to be so mean." A voice said below me. I looked down, what the heck was that?

"Hey look over here you butt!" I heard from the ground.

There was a cute stuffed bunny laying on the ground, slowly standing up. He had one button eye and was mostly pure white beside the dirt on him.

"Ohmigosh! You're so cute!" Jonah picked him, her... it? Up and brought it to her face hugging it.

"Jonah!! Stop it! That.... it! Was on the ground!" I felt like I was mothering Jonah all the sudden.

"W-what... F-fine!" Jonah went into her bag and grabbed out a water bottle and her handkerchief. "There," She said as she cleaned it off. "You look so cute!"

"Hey, lemme talk, get that ichigo usagi themed thingy outta here."

"Pfft, adorable, but rude!"

"Look, contract. Let's go."

"E-excuse you? What is a contract?" I butted into the conversation now being curious.

"Well, it's time to be a magical girl so sign this here form and you will be!" It shuffled around into some pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and some feather pen.

"What the heck is this?" I laughed at it.

"Hmph, this is a contract, sign it!"

"Look you weirdo, it's about 7, it's getting really dark we need to head home. So hit your pad. Get outta here."

"W-wait, no! I come home with you. I am here with you and yours!"

Jonah lit up, "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

I sighed, "Jonah, no... You can't keep something like this... thing."

"I'm staying with you." I jolted around quickly.

"Excuse you?!"

"Yep I choose you."

Jonah elbows me, "I wanted him."

"Ow, man, fine. What is your name?"

"Well, I'm Mitsu!"

I laughed out loud, "Honey?! Seriously. Who named you Honey! You're not sweet you should be named Warui."

"Hey, I'm not bad! No need to be so mean to me. I'm a sweet honey bunny! Heh, that rhymed."

Jonah butted in, mad. "Can we just go home! Gosh. I'm tired from kendo... and you guys yapping!"

I patted Jonah on the back, "Yes, hun, we can."

"Thank you!" She said like a grump.

We walked home and I dropped Jonah off at her house. Waving goodbye and giving her a hug, I told her I would let her have him some days. She rolled her eyes and walked into her house.

"I'm home! I yelled as I took my shoes off."

"Hey hun." I heard from the kitchen. Mom was cooking udon tonight, I could already smell it. I walked into the kitchen giving my mom a big hug.

My mom spun around giving me one back and then I saw her stop. Her eyes stared at my hands.

"Oh, you got a new stuffed animal! It's so cute. Where is his eye though?"

"He-..." I covered his mouth quickly.

"What was that?"

"Oh haha I don't know maybe it was my stomach starting to growl."

"Uhm alright. Let me get this udon done. Go start on your homework or something I'll call you soon." She waved me off and I headed upstairs.

"Look, you can not talk to my family."

"What?! Why not! I'm a really talkative plush. I really like to meet new people and talk to new people you know." He kept going on and on.

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