My Son Attends A Special Needs School

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Children with special needs have different disabilities ranging from health to mental conditions that greatly benefit from intervention services and support. Special needs children need continuous education. They also need more time in school then others, as they need more time to learn. My sons attends school all year round, with only short breaks for spring, summer and winter. Even though children going to a special needs school are segregated from all the other children. Special needs schools are better for my son verses normal schools as they work on life skills instead of the basic learning curriculum.
First off, my son Austin has been attending The Beekman Center since he was two and a half years old. His birthday falls within the fall months, so he was able to start school at an earlier age than some. The Beekman Center usually starts the kids in their first class at the age of three years old. Each classroom consists of a teacher and two aids, with less than ten children. They keep the same teacher for several of years. At The Beekman Center they focus on life skills. I remember Austin’s first couple of days at school. The first day I went with him and the second day I sent him off on the bus, when the bus left I cried. It was so hard to send my two and a half year old away for several of hours.
Secondly, the reason they start them so early is for early intervention. Using early intervention will allow them to succeed the best way they can. Starting them at an earlier age allows their brains to learn more. That is one reason early intervention is offered to special needs children, before school even starts. Before attending The Beekman Center Austin was involved in Early On, from the age of one and a half month old. Early On works on physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. For a while he was able to attend the local hospital for more care with therapies. He also attends physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, all while in school. His physical therapy, occupational therapy, and...

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