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My Spring Break Essay

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This was my first spring break in the United States of America. I have never had a spring break in the US before I came to Marymount California University, but I had heard of a movie called spring breakers directed by Harmony Korine that was released in March 15, 2013. I have seen in the movie a lot of people planning to party on their spring breaks. Since I am young I got really excited. I was expecting a crazy spring break with a lot of parties as in the movie, but when I got to the US my ideas changed. I would rather stay at home focusing on school other than partying. The past spring breaks I partied my heart out, went days without sleeping, and spent unnecessary money.
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My housemates are all Californians so they all go back home in their breaks so I stayed back at the dorms while they went to see their families. It made me realize how fast I grew up. I left my family so I can get the best education I possibly can. I just wished I had a chance to at least hang out with them this break.

Actually, thanks to the social networks I wasn’t alone because I had my friends and my family on the social networks. It also made me realize how my friends play a big role in my life. They help me in the hardest times. My friends are like my brothers.

My daily schedule went as listed: Monday until Tuesday my days were actually the same. I would wake up at noon shower, brush my teeth and have the breakfast in bed. I would continue with my movies I didn’t get to finish the night before. Wednesday and Thursday I completely changed. I focused on having nightlife with a few of my friends. That’s when it all changed. We went to Manhattan Beach to do the usual - Pick up local girls at clubs. Let’s just say we failed and would end up walking down the peer.

To complete my spring break, on Friday, my father came to visit me here in California. Seeing my father brought back mixed feeling of being home sick. He has never given himself a break off of work in his entire life. I got really happy when he told me that he was going to get a break in order to visit me in California. Sometimes, minor things are more meaningful than big things. For example, he spends a lot of money with me paying for my college and many other things like: Cars, clothes and etc. It was absolutely amazing and I really appreciate that. The most meaningful thing of...

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