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My Stay At Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Disney world, Paris, Australia, Italy; all amazing places I’m sure, but I’ve never been. Although there is one place I have been to; it was none other than Blackpool Pleasure Beach!
So you say to yourself, on one hand there is Blackpool and on the other there is Australia… now I know which one I’d rather go to. However, it all boils down to one thing: money. Good old money; that “green stuff” which makes the world go around. So with lack of that very thing, it had to be ‘sunny old Blackpool’: how exciting!
My expectations of Blackpool were not what you would call high; in fact I didn’t expect anything at all. Despite this some of my expectations were met exactly, others were pleasantly surprising.
Blackpool is known for its forty two acre Pleasure Beach, Blackpool tower; a name so ironic it’s unbelievable; and for the largest concentration of fast, super-fast, small and huge roller coasters in Europe. Yes! I did my research!
This tourist spot gives popular a whole new meaning; it is the annual home of some 6.5 million people, and what’s more, these people actually go there to have fun! Truthfully, I, being hopefully not the only person who has a fear of any type of rollercoaster, didn’t really go and expect to have fun. Forgive me if I am offensive, but I find the place dirty and shabby to say the least or may be this is a biased view as I’m not a lover of fast rides, seagulls and almost derelict hotels. Now I’m not the kind of girl who loves her appearance so much, she jus must never be seen in a place like Blackpool, that would be self obsessed, nevertheless, I fail to see the excitement in staying in an apartment where spiders inhabit the cracks in the walls; Where ice cold draughts breeze in through the singular window in the room.
My past experiences of visiting tourist attractions such as Blackpool are at an all time low, hence my biased opinion, however as this is the case, I wanted to make my time in Blackpool as enjoyable as possible – no matter how hard that may seem.
Blackpool is a place where the fun either comes to you or you have to go and find it. As I am not a fan of fast rollercoaster rides and cheesy gimmicks I went and found my home from home on the beach. My first expectation of Blackpool beach was that litter would be strewn all across it. I thought towels of every colour, holiday beds and parasols would be cramped along the sand. I presumed the sea would be ice-cold and more litter would be floating above the water’s murky surface. As I said, some of my expectations were met exactly and some were quite surprising. The sand wasn’t obscured by towels and parasols and the...

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