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A normal 14-year-old girl worries about impressing her friends, fitting in, and getting good grades. None of this came to the mind of Elizabeth Smart in her nine months of captivity. Elizabeth Smart was taken from her bedroom by Brian David Mitchell on June 5 of 2002. She was threatened, abused, and raped each and everyday within those nine months. On the night that she was taken she hiked up to the campsite that Brian David Mitchell has prepared. When they arrived Elizabeth Smart was introduced to his wife, Wanda Barzee.
Brian David Mitchell believed that he received a message from God that he was the chosen one. He was to obtain seven wives, each of those seven wives had to come from mormon households, they were to be young and pure. While Elizabeth Smart was with Mitchell and his wife there were attempts to get more wives. Both ventures did not go as Brian David Mitchell had planned. Mitchell interpreted each failed endeavor as a sign from God. The group of three moved three times, making their way to California and then back to Utah.
Throughout the nine months Brian David Mitchell continually reminded Elizabeth Smart of how lucky she was to be delivered from the evils of the world. Mitchell was assured that God had sent him to deliver the world from destruction. Mitchell thought that best way to accomplish this task was to descend below all things. He forced Elizabeth Smart to drink, do drugs, and perform tasks that no 14-year-old should ever have to know of.
Smart mentions that the main feelings that she experienced while in confinement were despair and fear. During the majority of the nine months Smart was chained to a tree to ensure that she would not try to escape. She also says that to sum up her daily routine she would use three words: boredom, hunger, and rape.
While reading this book many people asked me about it. Either they had heard about it a long time ago or they were curious about the story. These people were from all different backgrounds. Some coworkers, teachers, and even my peers remember hearing about the horrific incident. Shortly after her kidnapping there were posters, news stories, and articles all over...

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